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Our S​ervices
  1. Deliveries
    We have setup our delivery services to give you the benefit to receive your product or systems up to your door. All you have to do is request your delivery with our Deliveries Team and we will make an appointment. We will be pleased to come with all you need right up to your door.
  2. After Sales
    There is no better product than a product with the right After Sales. Our After Sales Team is trained to give you all the information to make the best use of the product you have.
  3. Technical Services
    Our technical team comes in when you need custom installation or when you require maintenance on your product or system. Request the services of our services team by bringing in one of your products to an authorised Service Centre. For installed systems we have our dedicated team of technicians who are on the road servicing clients.
  4. Customer Care
    Our Customer Care team is there to assist you. The Customer Care Team overviews all the service of the company so that they best suit our clients. If you feel you require the assistance of the customer care team all you have to do is message us in the contact us form.
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Customer Care